Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laughing is jogging for your insides

Laughing is jogging for your insides:
No one can tell you what to laugh at because you never know what will make your heart smile. Sometimes you laugh because you are just happy, and other times, you laugh because you are sitting with the most hilarious person in all the world!
I cannot even believe how creative God is. Who could have EVER thought of laughter. It is a different and unique and VERY strange sound that comes out a persons mouth. I cannot explain laughter except it is something inside of your heart that is so happy and full of so much joy that it cannot be contained inside anymore. It comes out as a sound for EVERYONE to hear as an audible frequency expression of happiness and joy!
You know. I guess sometimes I laugh with people who I do not know, but the times that I laugh with the bottom of my heart is when I am with the people I love the most. 
 I guess I would go as far to say as laughing is an EXPRESSION of love. You laugh the hardest with the people you cherish the most because they are the ones who actually CAN reach the bottom of your heart! 
Laughing can happen anywhere. Sometimes, it is the most appropriate time to laugh, and others, you are trying to hold a laugh in when it is a dead silent class or in a movie theatre during a serious scene. It can happen in a dorm room or underneath a waterfall. Hmm...why don't we laugh more? We have soo much to be not just happy about, but JOYFUL about. 
"Laughter sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight!" I drew my brothers laughing when they were little and this picture makes me smile every time I see it. Although, a pencil drawing CANNOT hold all that laughter encompasses though. Laughing is more of an experience than just a picture to capture because it is something more than just seeing laughter. You can see laughter in the wrinkles on a face. You can hear laughter in the uniqueness of each voice. You can feel laughter as you roll on the floor. You can taste laughter as the tears run down your face and onto your lips to your tongue. 
Laughter is a language that has no boundaries: no geographical boundaries, age boundaries, race boundaries, color boundaries, sex boundaries, country boundaries, religion boundaries. It speaks volumes when a single word cannot express the emotion that the heart is feeling.
Wow. God is good. He did not HAVE to create laughter. But He did. This could be reason number 4632943297623 to prove that He loves us intimately. (Thats a rough estimate of a number) :]
These are the moments that I hold in my heart. The moments that not even these pictures can capture perfectly. I remember being in each of these moments. Oh how we let these moments slip by too suddenly. Life is made of moments. Not days or weeks, or months. The little moments are what make up those days and weeks and months, but without the hard laughs, the deep cries, the intimate conversations, the boring professors in class, the studying, the meals shared with friends, the dancing in the car, the difficult situations in life, I do not even know how to put into words what this life would be!
Thank you Lord, for laughter, you are TOO sweet to create a laugh just for me!

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  1. first of all loveee this.
    second all i could think about when i read that title was when my dad was driving you and i home from somewhere, track or something, sophomore year and we were laughing so hard and kept insisting we were getting an ab workout from it. miss you girly! hope you're doing wonderfullyyyy =]