Saturday, November 20, 2010

home is where the heart is

Tonight, I sit in my room. Not my dorm room. Not a cabin in Colorado. Not a friends houses or a hotel. MY room. I made the 13 hour drive home from Virginia to Massachusetts today with some great laughs with friends, naps, and m&m's along the way!

As I pulled up to my house, I realized that my home was just a house. I was staring at it, standing by the porch with all of my luggage in hand, and until my dad came out with his laugh and goofy smile, this house was not my home. I have come to realize that a home is being loved and a home is where your heart feels safe, comforted, warm, and complete. The word home is not bound by four walls, by couches, by kitchen tables, or by refrigerators, but by the people who you are with when you are in that place. I have been a girl on the move this year and this has been more and more real to me through this year that being home is about being with the people who love me. With it being Thanksgiving, there are so many things that I can be thankful for that I fail to remember day to day. Things as little as laughter and hugs, but as big as the sun rising every day as a reminder that God loves me and gave me that sunrise as a gift to reveal His beauty to me. The other day, a friend said that sunsets are her favorite scene in nature because a sunset is another persons sunrise somewhere on the opposite side of the world. How cool is it that God is constantly revealing Himself to the WHOLE world through the rising of His sun. Not only am I thankful for the rising of the sun, but the raising of God's son, Jesus Christ. He is the one who I am thankful to for every good and perfect gift, because I know that they are from Him alone and from above.

Again, I sit here now in my bed, with my puppy snoring next to me, and I am so blessed. I have a family who adores me and they found joy in their day simply by me coming home and surprising them for my Thanksgiving break! My parents have been there for me through the times when I was lovable, and even through the times when they did not think that they could even LIKE me, let alone love me. I am thankful today for who they are in my life.

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